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Dr. Atreja to Present the Power of Platform-Based Digital Medicine at CHIME CIO Forum

Dr. Atreja to Present the Power of Platform-Based Digital Medicine at CHIME CIO Forum

Digital Medicine has significant potential to enable transformation in value-based care. However, health systems have struggled to adopt the technology necessary to integrate Digital Medicine solutions into their clinical workflow while complying with FDA guidelines and regulations.

On Thursday, Nov. 2, Rx. Health Cofounder Dr. Ashish Atreja, who is also the Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer of Medicine at the Mount Sinai Health System, will present on the opportunity that Digital Medicine is bringing to health care providers at the CHIME CIO Forum in San Antonio. Dr. Atreja’s presentation will touch on the substantial impact Digital Medicine could have on health systems by creating better care for patients that in turn promotes value-based care transformation in treatment.

“For me, what’s so exciting about CHIME is that CIOs have a forum for discussions around effectively implementing digital technologies in their health systems, which is an area that I’ve been involved in for more than a decade” Dr. Atreja said. “Recent studies have shown that an effective way to implement these solutions is through a platform-based system, which will be increasingly recognized as a necessary tool in any sophisticated practice.”

Dr. Atreja’s presentation will identify challenges faced in adopting Digital Medicine, such as FDA guidance and related regulations for mhealth apps, telemedicine and other digital health technologies. The discussion will focus on how a platform-based approach can simplify clinical workflow and help onboard Digital Medicine across all specialties within a health system.

Dr. Atreja will share how work done at Mount Sinai can be readily applied to other health systems. Yale New Haven Health has become first health system in Connecticut to use a similar approach to digital medicine prescribing to fulfill their value-based healthcare needs. The discussion will also delve into other topics that are crucial to the nation’s leading health systems’ CIOs, such as MACRA compliance and population health management for underserved communities.

The 2017 CHIME Fall CIO Forum provides an opportunity for thought leaders and industry luminaries to discuss any and everything about healthcare IT. Featured discussions in this year’s program encompass a wide variety of topics, including a deeper focus on patient identification, cybersecurity, data analytics, clinical workflow, public policy and cutting-edge innovation that’s transforming health care.

For more information on the event, see CHIME’s website for a full listing of presenters and topics. For those in attendance, be sure to catch Dr. Atreja’s presentation on Nov. 2.

Rx.Health Leadership Presents Data on CHF Readmission at Connected Health Conference

Rx.Health Leadership Presents Data on CHF Readmission at Connected Health Conference

On Oct. 25, leading innovators in healthcare will convene in Boston to attend the ninth annual Connected Health Conference. Widely considered one of the premier events in healthcare, this year’s conference will host over 2,000 attendees focused on changing the way the Country thinks about health and wellness. The Rx.Health team will be in Boston to engage, exhibit and speak throughout the 3-day conference.

“Every year we look forward to attending Connected Health, but after looking back at the success stories with our academic partners in 2017, we’re really excited to engage with other pioneers in healthcare,” said Rx.Health Cofounder and CEO, Ed Berde. “Health systems, payers and industry that wants to learn how to leverage a singular platform for innovation and clinical transformation should stop by Kiosk 101 at the Startup Pavilion to talk to my team. Our academic partners will be presenting on how Digital Prescribing platform has helped with readmission reduction, quality improvement (supporting MIPS) as well as patient-centered decision aids in different specialties ranging from cardiology to GI to cancer care.”

In an effort to collaborate with as many attendees as possible during the conference, the majority of Rx.Health’s core leadership team will be in attendance. Berde will be joined by Pavan Choksi, the VP of Corporate Development, and Mark Cittadino who heads Sales & Growth.

Scientific cofounder Dr. Ashish Atreja will also be in Boston for the event as a featured speaker. In addition to his Oct. 25 panel discussion centered on fueling the innovation economy in connected health industry, Dr. Atreja will also present on the final day of the conference to discuss protocols of a digital health pilot study. Using RxUniverse’s pilot at Mount Sinai Health System as a model, Dr. Atreja will touch on the implications and takeaways surrounding the success of that study, which surpassed its expected outcome by 200 percent. More details on that study are available at http://Rx.Health.

Dr. Atreja will also be presenting the results of a study conducted at Mount Sinai in which 60 patients with Chronic Heart Failure were asked to use two mobile apps to track blood pressure and weight. The study found that patients monitoring their condition with Digital Medicine were significantly less likely to be readmitted to the hospital within the first 30 days after a procedure. Among the 60 patients, the readmission rate during the study was just 10 percent, compared to Mount Sinai’s average of 22.8 percent and the national average of 25 percent. After the study concluded, 70 percent of participants continued to use Digital Medicine to track their blood pressure and weight.

CHC17 offers a unique opportunity to interact with a diverse audience of attendees, from members of academia to the investment community. The conference offers perhaps the clearest view of healthcare through the prism of innovation, highlighting trends and market dynamics captivating the industry.

Stop by Kiosk 101 in the startup pavilion to speak with our team, and be sure to catch Dr. Atreja’s talks on October 25 and 27.

Rx.Health Serves as Technical Advisor to Mount Sinai’s Hackathon

Rx.Health Serves as Technical Advisor to Mount Sinai’s Hackathon

From Oct. 13 through Oct. 15, Rx.Health was excited to serve as technical advisor and consultant to the brightest minds across the Country during Mount Sinai’s second annual Hackathon. Quickly becoming one of the most anticipated events at Sinai, the Hackathon is a 48-hour multidisciplinary competition where teams of innovators focus on creating unique technological solutions for pressing concerns in healthcare.

This year over 70 competitors made up 14 teams, each tasked with developing solutions to fill gaps in cancer treatment. Rx.Health’s API was provided as a tool for participants, who were able to prescribe their apps directly to the panel of judges for review. At the end of the two-day competition, three teams emerged as finalists. Those teams were awarded $2,500 as well as an invitation to participate in Mount Sinai’s Innovation Showcase on Feb. 15.


  • StreamLine – Developed an AI-based tool for streamlining the clinical trial protocol development process to get treatments into the clinic more quickly and cheaply.
  • Helping Stand – A portable device to assist fatigued and/or debilitated patients with getting up from a seated position in an automobile.
  • OnTrack – App-based system for assisting pediatric cancer patien
  • ts with maintaining social and school based interactions during treatment so as to facilitate more seamless school re-entry after extended cancer treatment.

“Sinai’s Hackathon is quickly becoming a destination event in the Digital Medicine community, so we jumped at the chance to participate,” said Ed Berde, CEO of Rx.Health. “While the solutions created still need to be proven through clinical testing, it’s critical as a leader in the field that Rx.Health continuously engage those individuals applying advanced technology to systemic problems in healthcare.”

The top three Health Hackathon finalists and a fourth wild card team will present a five-minute pitch to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs at Mount Sinai’s Innovation Showcase. Presentations will be followed by a 10-minute discussion during which the judges will be able to provide direct feedback to the presenters. The pitches will have an emphasis on important concepts such as business and product launch strategies as well as market dynamics. Following each pitch and discussion, the audience may engage with the presenters and judges via a Q&A session.

Check back for Rx.Health’s coverage of the Innovation Showcase.

Dr. Atreja to Speak on the Clinical Research behind Digital Medicine at Annual APCR Meeting

Dr. Atreja to Speak on the Clinical Research behind Digital Medicine at Annual APCR Meeting

On Oct. 21, Rx.Health Cofounder Dr. Ashish Atreja will address the Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research at the second annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. A noted authority on the subject, Dr. Atreja will engage the APCR in a discussion centered on harnessing the dual power of Digital Medicine and an empowered patient population in order to change the future of clinical research.

Dr. Atreja will be joined by Dr. Michael Koren, who serves as the Vice President of the APCR and chair of the annual meeting, and is also the CEO and Director of the Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research.

The APCR presents the perfect forum to host a dialogue on the implications of Digital Medicine on clinical research. As an independent, nonprofit membership organization, the APCR is comprised of clinicians and researchers dedicated to promoting the welfare of patients through the acquisition, dissemination, and evaluation of knowledge focused on medicine and device development.

This year’s conference will cover a diverse range of topics ranging from the rising costs of prescription medication to patient access to new medicines. Discussions will focus on innovation in clinical trials and the ability of such innovation to impact and/or benefit from patient involvement in research. Dr. Atreja’s discussion on Digital Medicine will occur on the second day of the event, which is the same day as the conference’s unique interactive session on conducting clinical studies.

The event will be hosted at the Wyndham Grand Resort Bonnet Creek from October 20 through 22. Please contact Dr. Atreja if you plan on being in attendance and would like to discuss the potential benefits of Digital Medicine to your practice or health system.

Rx.Health Cofounder Engages in Panel Discussion at the Financial Times Digital Health Summit

Rx.Health Cofounder Engages in Panel Discussion at the Financial Times Digital Health Summit

On Oct. 12 Rx.Health Cofounder Dr. Ashish Atreja joined other leading minds in healthcare and business as he spoke at the Third Annual Financial Times Digital Health Summit in New York. While Dr. Atreja’s panel discussion focused on the changing dynamics on the frontline of digital health, discussions at the summit explored the trends and opportunities, funding, innovation and approaches needed to drive forward the digital age of health.

The conference was attended by CEOs, Chief Medical Officers, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, Heads of Healthcare, Directors of Innovation, Heads of Disruptive Innovation, as well as other senior executives who target the latest consumer and patient demands. The focus of the conference was centered on how all participants in our healthcare system, from patient to provider to regulator, can work together to ensure that technology is consistent and effective in meeting the modern demands of patients and health services.

As healthcare embraces a patient-centric focus, providers are empowering patients to take meaningful control over their treatment. Clinicians are now under pressure to demonstrate the value of personalized healthcare through customized solutions. With this new reality in focus, panelists at the conference discussed how multiple goals can be aligned between patients and providers to optimize digital engagement.

The Financial Times is a leading international daily newspaper with an emphasis on business and economic news. With an average daily readership of 2.2 million people worldwide, the Financial Times is widely considered the most important business read currently in circulation. The publication reaches 36 percent of most senior financial decision makers at the world’s largest financial institutions.