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General Questions

Can you customize the solution based on our unique needs?

Yes. We provide specialty specific starter sets of curated solutions from over 200, 000 apps screened by our research team. You can further customize the digital medicine toolkit (Apps, education, care plans) through our  Do-it-Yourself (DIY) module or have us do it for you. 

Does Rx.Health support both Apple App Store and Google Play Store?

Yes. Rx.Health platform is available from web, iOS and Google Play. Patients are e-prescribed a digital app link. Once they select the link, they will be pushed out to the appropriate store (App Store or Google Play Store) to download the appropriate versions of app or care plan or educational content.

Do Patients get charged?

No. Most of our solutions (speciality specific apps, surveys, links to consumer ranking sites, health education content etc) are free to patients. Some of our carefully screened third party solutions may have premium plans that may include subscription charge for patients. You decide which solutions you want in your digital medicine toolkit.

Are you HIPPA Compliant?

Yes! We comply with all the HIPAA privacy and security provisions and have been vetted through IT departments of health systems. Patient specific data is owned by the prescriber and their practice. We manage data for practices and health systems in secure Cloud through our business associate agreement (BAA).

Is Rx.Health integrated into our EHR?

Yes. Rx.Health goal is to not interrupt workflow. We leverage FHIR and custom Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as well as secure web-services to provide end-end solution. As you prescribe your patients medication, you can also prescribe a digital toolkit, that consists of applications for each patient.

How soon can I get started?

Our goal is to transform organizations by providing one comprehensive platform for Digital Medicine innovation and multiple clinical use-cases within 90 days! Please, fill in details below or email us at to schedule a complementary digital medicine gap analysis for your organization.

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