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An enterprise-wide solution to seamlessly integrate evidence-based digital tools

A Few of Our Clients...

Rx.Health Platform is first enterprise wide platform that allows digital therapeutics and care plans to be prescribed from EHR.

Health Systems

Fastest route to digital engagement, for fee and value-based care


Turn on patient engagement while improving HEDIS scores

Accountable Care Organizations

Improve ACO metrics and reduce downside risk

Pharma & Researchers

Capture real-world evidence for value-based contracts

Digital Care Solutions

Our API- first strategy connects all players in digital ecosystem seamlessly to reduce revenue
leak and real-time population health transformation

Proven Technology Backed by Clinical Rules

Built at Mount Sinai

Designed and built from the ground up by Health IT experts with the singular focus of creating a seamless workflow for end-users. Be it Clinicians, Patients, Researchers, Trial Coordinators or Payers the experience is intuitive.

Designed by Physicians

Leveraging years of clinical experience, our team design custom digital toolkits that bundle the best digital assets for each disease state or prcedure. Through our partnerships with National Societies such as the American Association of Cardiology we are developing a new Gold Standard in treatment and data collection.

Delivering a Patient Centered Approach

We act as a patient’s partner to help guide them from pre-arrival through to follow-up, using carefully curated digital tool-kits and pathways to achieve better outcomes and experiences.

Care teams can fully engage patients throughout their care journey via custom touchpoints never previously available. We have the power to offer the right patients the right information and tools, at the right time

Carefully Curated Clinical Care Plans


Patients Reached in a Single Day at Yale


Endless Possible Applications

Clinical Trial Oversubscription


Heart Failure Readmission


“As the pace of innovation in digital medicine accelerates, there will be increasing demand for the ability to quickly integrate new apps into our health care systems.”

– Kenneth L Davis, MD, President and CEO, Mount Sinai Health System




Read more about how Payers, Providers and Pharma can Digitally Transform and engage with patients

Digital Trasformation offers a truly patient-centered approach, providing a two way street for data collection and interaction

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Upcoming Conferences

NODE.Health Digital Medicine Conference

Times Square, New York City
Aims to bring evidence based digital medicine to health systems and payers
DEC 5-7, 2018

Digital Orthopedics Conference, San Francisco

Focused on intersection of digital medicine and orthopedics service lince
JAN 5 – 6, 2019

JPMorgan 37th Annual Healthcare Conference, San Francisco

JPM is the largest and most informative healthcare investment symposium in the industry, started with biopharma and now expanded to digital health

JAN 7 – 10, 2019

HIMSS Global Conference, Orlando, FL

One of the largest Health IT conferences in US

FEB 10 – 14, 2019

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