Signaling a new era of patient care, Responsive Health is leading the most innovative names in healthcare as the company rebrands to Rx.Health. This positions Rx.Health as the platform for prescribing of Digital Medicine, and ushers in a new model of patient engagement through the company’s flagship product, RxUniverse.

“Value-based care has changed everything, so it’s important that clinicians rethink the way they interact with patients on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis,” Rx.Health CEO Ed Berde said. “Rx.Health symbolizes the new reality that providers need to extend patient care beyond the clinical visit and embrace Digital Medicine as the most effective means of providing continuous care.”

Through the RxUniverse prescription platform, Rx.Health is providing the solution for health systems to embrace Digital Medicine as they adapt to value-based care. RxUniverse aggregates the most effective Digital Medicine solutions available on the market onto a single platform, allowing healthcare organizations and their care teams to engage with patients and prescribe Digital Medicine directly to patients at the point of care.

“The Rx symbol literally represents prescribing, so it’s so fitting to have it as our brand as we move into the era of prescribing Digital Medicine,” said VP of Operations, Andy Pfau. “Digital Medicine includes evidence-based apps, care plans, health education, and other proven solutions. RxUniverse allows doctors to prescribe Digital Medicine as easily as traditional medication. Relaunching as Rx.Health lets the world know we’re the future patient care.”

Physicians and patients want Digital Medicine as a component of their comprehensive care plans, however until now health systems lacked the platform to adopt solutions. A previously published research report found only 2 percent of patients in the largest U.S. hospitals are currently using hospital-provided mobile health apps. This is a surprising statistic given recent confirmation that more than three quarters of hospital-related physicians and more than two thirds of patients are eager to engage Digital Medicine as a means to better care. Now, through Rx.Health’s RxUniverse platform, health systems can transform their hospital care by implementing Digital Medicine across departments.

“The failure to align mobile apps to the services patients demand could cost each hospital more than $100 million in lost revenue per year, which is a staggering statistic,” noted Rx.Health VP of Sales and Growth, Mark Cittadino. “Rx.Health provides a validated digital toolkit on a single platform. We boost financial performance by helping hospitals end the hemorrhaging of revenue while realizing additional income.”

The .health domain is already attracting other industry-leading brands such as Mayo Clinic, United Healthcare, Pfizer, Apple, Google, and Amazon. Registrants who adopt .health domains will be subject to stringent terms and policies to ensure the integrity of the extension and deter misuse, allowing a validated experience for individuals accessing health information online.

“Responsive Health was already known as a leader in the field of health innovation,” said Jose Rasco, CEO of dotHealth LLC. “By rebranding as Rx.Health, they’re sending a message to the world that Digital Medicine represents the future of health, and they are the channel for prescribing Digital Medicine. Anyone who works in healthcare immediately recognizes the importance of a .health domain. We’re thrilled to have Rx.Health as a flagship anchor in the .health domain space.”

About Rx.Health:

Rx.Health is defining the delivery of Digital Medicine. Formerly Responsive Health, a spinoff from the Mount Sinai Health System, Rx.Health is dedicated to facilitating the digital revolution in healthcare. Rx.Health’s flagship product, RxUniverse, is the first enterprise-based Digital Medicine delivery system that enables physicians to prescribe evidence-based mobile health applications, multi-media education, wearables, and therapeutics to patients at the point of care. Information on Rx.Health and RxUniverse is available at http://Rx.Health and, or follow Rx.Health on Twitter @Rx_Health and LinkedIn at