Cardiovascular Transformation Network

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) and Rx.Health have partnered together in a singular mission to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health, not just nationally but around the globe.

As the healthcare landscape evolves towards a value-based system, we believe that leveraging digital medicine offers a clear pathway to success for health providers. Through developing a 10 center Cardiovascular Transformation Network and utilizing expertise from the ACC and Rx.Health, a roadmap for success can be created and rolled out to all cardiology practices.

Rx.Health has an extensive list of digital tools that it has reviewed based on published evidence, usability and the such like. These tools are used to develop Digital Toolkits. These are thoroughly reviewed by the ACC with a particular emphasis on practicalities within the real world cardiology setting. Working with each Transformation Network Center, these toolkits are fine-tuned for specific disease and/or procedure use-cases which can then be leveraged to provide real value using the Rx.Health fully EHR integrated platform.

10 Transformation Network Centers

Carefully selected Transformation Network Centers to span different geographies, populations and practices to show value across the board

1 Enterprise-wide Platform

Each Transformation Network Center gains access to the Rx.Health platform and ACC reviewed Digital Tools

Improved Patient Heart Health

Collaboration between each center, Rx.Health, and the ACC allows value to be created in multiple cardiology use cases