Rx.Health CEO and cofounder Ed Berde recently sat down with Enterprise Radio host Eric Dye to discuss his current work, as well as past ventures, in an effort to relay advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Berde discussed how he embraced an alternative career path early in his career, which began when he made the decision to leave the comforts of a highly respected consulting firm to pursue his first venture.

Berde also offered insight into how Rx.Health differs from his past ventures from the perspective of an entrepreneur, starting with the credibility associated with the company’s roots in the Mount Sinai Health System, which has seven hospital campuses in the New York metropolitan area.

“Rx.Health already had some serious advantages at the outset that any entrepreneur would immediately recognize,” Berde said. “In the healthcare industry, establishing credibility is everything. It’s kind of a catch 22 for entrepreneurs. They’ll never get into health systems without landing a major health system first, but you’ll never land that first major health system because you’re not in any health systems already.”

Berde extended an invitation to new entrepreneurs who are seeking advice to reach out through LinkedIn so that he can talk through the classic struggles of an entrepreneur and field any questions where he can offer expertise.

Berde’s interview was featured on Enterprise Radio broadcast by the Entrepreneur Podcast Network on Monday, Dec. 18.