The RxUniverse platform was created to solve three major complications that have arisen as a result of the rapid proliferation of mobile health apps:

  • The absence of standardization to evaluate digital health solutions
  • The inability for providers to ensure that patients adopt the correct recommended solutions
  • How to deliver the right digital solutions at the right time for patients without placing an extra burden on clinicians

For clinicians, the RxUniverse Platform creates an ecosystem that promotes an evidence-based review of the most effective Digital Medicines. From a Population Health standpoint, it can be used to target large cohorts of patients. Finally, by using complex clinical rules to underpin each patient journey, it can automate personalized care, thus reducing the burden on clinicians to manually prescribe, Mobile Applications, Symptom Surveys, Feedback questionnaires etc.

Mount Sinai Crohns and Colitis Registry (MSCCR) is a registry of Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients. RxUniverse’s “Bulk Prescription” feature was used to contact eligible patients for an additional clinical trial. This feature is a way of contacting and recruiting large groups of patients with a single click!


Patients Contacted

80% patients were contacted through RxUniverse via email or mobile text message out of 1,644 eligible patients


Patient Responses

39% responded via text message regarding their interest in the proposed study


Patients Agreed

40% of patients agreed to participate in the proposed study

Future Direction

This is a tool that can be used for future population management and diversity in subject recruitment. Additionally, the statistics resulting from the RxUniverse study provides further evidence that a platform approach to engaging patients using Digital Medicine is a valuable tool in bridging the gap between innovation in health care and patient engagement.