Today, every practice needs a digital front door that is not only secure but can also convert existing appointments into video visits while seamlessly onboarding and tracking patients’ healthcare needs, as well as providing support billing and much more!  

Rx.Health solves the decentralized digital health ecosystem by providing an EHR-connected unification platform for automation, digital therapeutics and monitoring for health systems and life sciences. By using digital navigation programs, healthcare facilities have significantly reduced the no-shows/call burden by sharing pre- and post-procedural care and preparation instructions and enhanced patient recall. This has not only led to high quality patient outcomes, but also enormous time efficiencies and cost savings. 

Post pandemic, Health systems and payers are struggling to incorporate digital care pathways and Digital Therapeutics (DTx) into their care team workflows. Rx.Health has collaborated with multiple DTx companies to promote the integration and deployment of existing digital assets in organizations through a unified platform that automate disease-specific digital navigation programs. 

Rx.Health has also advanced into Remote Patient Monitoring through a combination of mobile apps, remote sensors, and telemedicine. We believe that it has the potential to change the cost curve by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. RPM is likely to become mainstream not only for chronic disease management (such as for IBD, Heart diseases, or diabetes) but also during episodes of care such as post-procedural or immediate post-discharge care. By utilizing digital health technologies such as RPM, providers can become effective agents of change and positively impact the rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem.  

Additionally, newer engagement channels such as deviceless monitoring and 2- way secure messaging, are weaved into care team workflows using Rx.Health’s unified DNP approach.  Throughout the pandemic, has stayed committed to delivering hospital-level, patient-centric, individualized care for patients at home via remote patient monitoring.