Dedalus Group, one of the world’s largest Healthcare Software companies, is transforming healthcare across the entire care continuum. It has formed a strategic alliance with Rx.Health in North America. 

The collaboration will enable Dedalus’ solution, Digital Connect for Health (DC4H), to operate with Rx.Health’s platform, which unifies and automates digital health through an EHR-connected formulary and 250+ automated digital care pathways. This will help health systems achieve their goal of personalized consumer engagement while reducing physician burnout by bridging the gap between various systems (records and engagement) and generating contextually relevant insights delivered via digital therapeutics (DTx) channels and digital care pathways. 

The initial stage of the partnership will enable stakeholders such as Health Systems, Health Plans, and Life Sciences organizations to access, cleanse, integrate, ingest, and semantically tag data across clinical and operational systems by leveraging the combined power of DC4H and Rx.Health. Take these contextually actionable insights and use them to create personalised digital care pathways that combine multiple digital therapeutics, automated nudges, devices, and AI from the hospital’s EHR.  

As the healthcare industry seeks to optimize access to and formulate more real-time insights from the vast stores of data and information about their patients, Dedalus’ DC4H platform stands behind it’s six pillar FHIR-based data methodology that addresses the ability to integrate and ingest data across disparate applications, link data sets, gain evidence-based insights about populations, and support clinical workflows across organizations to ensure confidence and better informed decisions resulting in better outcomes. 

“Dedalus’ vision is one of a digitally-enabled healthcare ecosystem where all stakeholders actively collaborate to personalize care experiences at scale, allowing clinicians to practice at the top of their license and ensuring consumers feel they’re truly being seen” says Damon Auer, Chief Executive and General Manager of Dedalus North America.

“This partnership uniquely delivers on the promise of personalized consumer engagement while improving the clinician experience using actionable insights from data and accelerates the pace of digital transformation for healthcare stakeholders, and I am very excited about it” says Vishnu Saxena, Digital General Manager, Dedalus North America. 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Dedalus, allowing us to further our commitment to addressing the serious issue of a fragmented digital health ecosystem and physician burnout. By integrating prescription of digital front door, deviceless monitoring and evidence based digital therapeutics within the EHR, we lift the burden of administrative tasks and automate enterprise wide digital transformation ” commented Richard Strobridge, Chief Executive Officer, Rx.Health.