Digital Therapeutic Partners

Rx.Health curates digital tools, including therapeutics into procedure and disease specific Digital Toolkits. Each toolkit underpins long-term patient care pathways during which digital therapeutics can engage with patients alongside other digital tools to unify the care experience. These care pathways are invoked within traditional clinical workflows, thereby removing any burden on clinicians, and providing cohesion between different products.

Countless Therapeutics to Choose From

Rx.Health aids this process by carefully curating each therapeutic on its platform using published evidence, usability, and more

Interaction With Current Clinical Workflows

Designed by clinicians, Rx.Health’s platform seamlessly integrates with EHRs, and allows effortless Digital Therapeutic delivery

Cohesion Between Each Therapeutic

By creating a central conduit from which multiple digital therapeutic can be delivered to patients, Rx.Health overcomes the worry over interoperability
Rx.Health is an enterprise-wide Digital Medicine Platform that seamlessly integrates evidence-based digital tools into traditional clinical workflows to drive meaningful change.

Born out of Mount Sinai’s Innovation Center, we are acutely aware of the problems faced by health providers in adopting digital technologies. With over 300,000 mHealth mobile applications, countless medical devices, telehealth providers, – to name but a few – there is firstly a problem of plenty, secondly, there are questions on adaptation into current clinical workflows, and finally, there is apprehension around cohesion between different digital tools.

The American College of Cardiology and Rx.Health have partnered to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health using digital medicines. In this, there is a key opportunity for Digital Therapeutics to be leveraged in this exciting initiative.
Rx.Health works closely with NODE Health – a nonprofit consortium of academic innovation centers, investors, and entrepreneurs – to help create evidence-based digital medicine. Through pilot studies within member sites, we seek to push develop evidence for digital products