Digital Medicine has significant potential to enable transformation in value-based care. However, health systems have struggled to adopt the technology necessary to integrate Digital Medicine solutions into their clinical workflow while complying with FDA guidelines and regulations.

On Thursday, Nov. 2, Rx. Health Cofounder Dr. Ashish Atreja, who is also the Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer of Medicine at the Mount Sinai Health System, will present on the opportunity that Digital Medicine is bringing to health care providers at the CHIME CIO Forum in San Antonio. Dr. Atreja’s presentation will touch on the substantial impact Digital Medicine could have on health systems by creating better care for patients that in turn promotes value-based care transformation in treatment.

“For me, what’s so exciting about CHIME is that CIOs have a forum for discussions around effectively implementing digital technologies in their health systems, which is an area that I’ve been involved in for more than a decade” Dr. Atreja said. “Recent studies have shown that an effective way to implement these solutions is through a platform-based system, which will be increasingly recognized as a necessary tool in any sophisticated practice.”

Dr. Atreja’s presentation will identify challenges faced in adopting Digital Medicine, such as FDA guidance and related regulations for mhealth apps, telemedicine and other digital health technologies. The discussion will focus on how a platform-based approach can simplify clinical workflow and help onboard Digital Medicine across all specialties within a health system.

Dr. Atreja will share how work done at Mount Sinai can be readily applied to other health systems. Yale New Haven Health has become first health system in Connecticut to use a similar approach to digital medicine prescribing to fulfill their value-based healthcare needs. The discussion will also delve into other topics that are crucial to the nation’s leading health systems’ CIOs, such as MACRA compliance and population health management for underserved communities.

The 2017 CHIME Fall CIO Forum provides an opportunity for thought leaders and industry luminaries to discuss any and everything about healthcare IT. Featured discussions in this year’s program encompass a wide variety of topics, including a deeper focus on patient identification, cybersecurity, data analytics, clinical workflow, public policy and cutting-edge innovation that’s transforming health care.

For more information on the event, see CHIME’s website for a full listing of presenters and topics. For those in attendance, be sure to catch Dr. Atreja’s presentation on Nov. 2.