General Questions

What are digital navigation programs and how are they different from digital therapeutics?

Most of the third party digital therapeutics (DTx) require separate app download or device. This at times lead to multiple apps per patient and become non-sustainable at times. Hence, we created digital navigation programs (DNp) which are developed by our physician builder team using our RxStitch engine. We are now considered leaders in creating and implementing evidence based DNp in partnership with national societies like ACC and AGA. These DNps are activated through text messages or patient portals and do not require new apps and are best used to support episodes of care, surgeries, transitions of care, increasing access to care, telehealth and closure of care gaps.

How is Next Gen Reminder and Activation Program different from other text reminder solutions?

Currently available text reminder solutions are first generation, do not support two way communication, multimedia education, branching logic or assessment of patient reported outcomes or patient experience. Rx.Health Next Gen Reminder and Activation Program integrates with EHRs through sFTP, HL7 or FHIR and stitches all above solutions and tracks them through deep links to provide seamless experience at a fraction of cost of first generation solutions, while supporting linkage to population health and closure of care gaps.

Do you have access to health education library or we need to separately license one?

We have already integrated a 100,000+ education video and content library into Rx.Health platform. These can be directly prescribed from our platform and weaved into digital navigation programs (DNp) without additional charge. The library is peer reviewed every quarter.

How do you charge for the platform and programs?

We use a base SaaS (software as a service) subscription model for platform, which comes with initial set of Apps and Digital Navigation Programs and Integration API to get started. When you expand, you only pay for additional Digital Therapeutics and Digital Navigation Programs. The more programs you activate, the more exponential ROI you achieve since integration, implementation, training and workflow is common across use-cases.

How soon can we expect to see results and achieve ROI?

We pride ourselves in launching within 90 days of agreement and achieving ROI within first 6 months. The implementation is flexible so you can turn on or turn off programs at any time if desired OKRs (objective and key results) are not accomplished.

What languages does digital navigation programs support?

We support English and Spanish for most programs. We do have ability to translate to more than 22 languages based on population needs.

Can you customize a solution based on our unique needs?

Yes. We typically implement our platform with a number of specialty specific starter sets. These are highly curated solutions from over 200, 000 apps screened by our research team. You can then further customize the platform to deliver highly specific toolkits (Apps, education, care plans) through our  Do-it-Yourself (DIY) module or have us do it for you.

Do Patients get charged?

No. Most of our solutions (speciality specific apps, surveys, links to consumer ranking sites, health education content etc) are free to patients. Some of our carefully screened third party solutions may have premium plans that may include subscription charge for patients, however, you decide which solutions you want in your digital medicine toolkits.

Are you HIPPA Compliant?

Yes! We comply with all the HIPAA privacy and security provisions and have been vetted through numerous health system IT departments. Patient specific data is owned by the prescriber and their practice. We manage data for practices and health systems in a secure Cloud server through our business associate agreement (BAA).

Is Rx.Health integrated into EHR systems?

Yes. Rx.Health goal is to create a seamless workflow. We leverage FHIR, custom Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as well as secure web-services to provide a complete end-end solution. Using the same pathway that a clinician prescribes a patient’s medication, Rx.Health utilizes the same process to prescribe and distribute digital assets or toolkits specific to each patient.


How do we get started? Can we customize?

Yes. Organizations typically choose from 2-5 high priority use cases to start from our 200+ digital navigation programs and Digital Therapeutics You can then customize the platform as well as programs to meet your unique workflows as well as branding. After few months of realizing value, organizations then leverage the platform to meet most of their digital transformation needs. You can get started by filling this request form

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