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In partnership with AGA, we are expanding our digital transformation
initiative to support free usage of Telehealth + Virtual Care Hub

Today, every practice needs a complete telehealth package that is not only secure but also converts existing appointments to video visits and seamlessly onboards and tracks patients to support billing

3 easy steps to get started and transform your practice

2. We register your practice and provide online training

3. Start using Telehealth within 2 days

Launch full telehealth + virtual solution for on-demand and pre-scheduled visits

  • Prescribe and launch on demand telehealth right from the platform or using your existing vendor
  • Outreach to all existing patients and convert them to video visits in one click
  • Prescribe relevant electronic resources from the toolkit to patients

Proactively digital triage prior to upcoming appointments – A must

  • Exposed patients coming to healthcare facilities can put other patients and healthcare workers at risk.
  • Automatic digital triage linked with appointment reminders can
    categorize patients into low, medium and high risk based on exposure and symptoms
  • Patients then referred to regular appointments, to telehealth sessions, or to in–person triage centers for COVID–19 patients.

Digitally monitor patients on immunosuppression

  • Exposed and quarantined patients need daily guidance and check-ins.
  • Automated daily check-ins for symptoms and guidance with automatic referral to most appropriate intervention
  • Decrease the burden of triage nurses and provide health systems with a dashboard view of all patients potentially exposed, under investigation, or in quarantine.

Built on same award winning platform that supports endoscopy transformation and clinical trial network

  • 50% reduction in aborted procedures
  • Patients with good or excellent bowel prep improving from 64% (baseline) to 87% after digital navigation
  • 92.6% patients agreed or strongly agreed that digital navigation helped  them in preparing for colonoscopy


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