Heart Health

“HealthPROMISE: HeartHealth” is a remote monitoring system for patients with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). A study performed at Mount Sinai Hospital examined patients diagnosed with CHF and who own a smart phone. 60 patients were enrolled in the study using the RxUniverse platform to onboard them onto HealthPROMISE: HeartHealth.
Through the use of the mobile application, HeartHealth, healthcare providers were, and still are able to remotely monitor their patients’ blood pressure and weight in the 30 day high risk period post-discharge.

These measurements are taken to:

  • Ensure the patient’s health is controlled by leveraging data from connected devices and Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)
  • Provide insight into big data via new risk stratification
  • Reduce unnecessary costs due to readmission penalties by increasing quality of patient care through remote monitoring by population health coordinator

This shift towards value based care is driving the need for physicians and care providers to be suitably equipped to deliver better and more accurate treatment to their patients. The goal being to drive improved outcomes and lower readmissions.

Patient Satisfaction

Increased positive health outcomes due to high patient satisfaction with the platform

50% Readmission Rate Reduction

10% readmission rate compared to the national rates of >20% readmission within 30 days of discharge

73% Activated Patients

Who continued to use the mobile application and smart devices to track BP and weight beyond the trial period

Future Direction

Given the increasing burden of CHF on patients and healthcare systems, there is a critical need for an effective, sustainable, and feasible remote monitoring system for CHF patients following hospital discharge.