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Fast Tracking Real World Evidence, Patient Outcomes and Virtual Clinical Trials

In 2016, Rx.Health launched the first enterprise-wide platform to prescribe apps, that has now led to emergence of new field of digital therapeutics (DTx).

Rx.Health has now become a leader in delivering digital navigation programs that stitch different digital assets and DTx across patient journey. We partner with life sciences, national societies, health systems and payers to co-develop DTx and engage participants in pre-clinical phase to post marketing surveillance and optimizing outcomes in real world. This includes

  • Co-developing or licensing Digital therapeutics (DTx)
  • Working with multi-health system and payer transformation networks
  • Collecting real world data through electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) and remote monitoring
  • Supporting precision based interventions and generation of digital biomarkers
  • Improving long term adherence through companion apps
  • Supporting outcome based contracts through real world data and engagement
  • Enhancing Clinical trial recruitment through e-recruitment bots, e-consent and digital engagement

Our validated success stories from more than 200+ Digital Navigation Program library


Medicare Bundles




Content and DTx

Digital Tx

Prescription for IBD


Patients for adoption

$1 M

Savings in Radiology & Procedures


Patients Enrolled in
single day


Readmission Reduction with RPM


Uncontrolled Asthma Management


Less aborted colonoscopies

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