Patients with cancer often suffer through various symptoms between visits, leading many to become complacent with poor health. However, a recent study by the American Society of Clinical Oncology found cancer patients who used a personal computer to report symptoms to care providers saw extended and improved quality of life when compared to patients treated with medicinal care alone.

During the study, patients who self-reported received an immediate response nearly 80 percent of the time from their care provider. Clinicians were then able to prescribe medications to resolve pain, nausea or other treatment-related problems and were able to offer more comprehensive assessments during scheduled appointments. On average, the 766 patients involved in this program lived five months longer than those who did not record their symptoms online.

“You want to be able to reach your provider as early and easily as possible,” said Dr. Richard Schilsky, Chief Medical Officer of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Dr. Schilsky went on to elaborate symptoms such as shortness of breath, could be alarming to clinicians and a signal that treatment is not working and needs to be adjusted or changed entirely.

This study further validates the need for healthcare providers to rethink traditional patient engagement. Consistent contact between patients and their health care providers enables clinicians to address any potential problems in real time, resulting in improved healthcare results for all patients as found in American Society of Clinical Oncology study.

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