Patient Portal Onboarding

Patient portals provide a simplified route for health providers to share medical information with individual patients. There are numerous friction factors in the onboarding process of patient portals that limits patients signing up for them. As a result, health systems are spending significant resources to drive the adoption of patient portals, with limited success.
Rx.Universe is a digital platform operated by Rx.Health that fully integrates into provider EMR systems. This allows clinicians to directly “prescribe” mobile health applications and/or digital care pathways to patients.

The RxUniverse “Bulk Prescription” feature was used to prescribe – via SMS – a direct MyChart login page hyperlink, that had each patient’s unique code and personal information embedded within the link. This method removed key barriers, including:

  • Patients needing to copy and paste access codes
  • Fill in their personal data
  • Complete this process within 30 days – after which their unique access code expires.

The Rx.Universe engagement dashboard displayed the total number of patients who received prescribed messages, the number of unsuccessful prescriptions, prescriptions opened in the first 24 hours, and total prescriptions opened.


Patients Targeted

These patients were digitally prescribed MyChart Activation messages over a 2 day period


Incorrect Phone Numbers

This project helped inform the Health Provider of which patients had incorrect phone numbers logged in their EHR system



The Health Provider saw a 10.81% adoption of patient portal after 7 days post messages being delivered. This surpassed their annual target

Take Aways

The RxUniverse Platform offers a new channel for onboarding patients onto Patient Portals such as MyChart. The power of this approach is highlighted by the fact that this Health Provider met their yearly MyChart adoption target in under a week. This technology can be extended to close the care gaps for other Health Providers in a scalable manner.