Platform and Approach

Our Story

Rx.Health platform was developed by physicians within a health system to address the challenge of fragmentation in digital health and-

  1. inability to activate patients in a scalable manner across different populations and
  2. burnout among physicians with multiple workflows and disparate data streams from multiple point of click solutions.

Our Idea

“What if physicians and care teams can prescribe digital health solutions and activate patients from one common EHR embedded solution very much like they order different medications?”

Our Solution

A cloud-based HIPAA compliant platform that unifies delivery of digital medicine by bringing best of class digital therapeutics (DTx), multimedia health education and AR, Apps, remote monitoring wearables, as well as physician built digital navigation programs that stitch all digital assets throughout patients care journey across disease, procedures and service lines.

Our Traction

Our team of clinicians and engineers  have common mission is to be the best in activating lives and empowering organizations through unification and prescription of digital medicine and achieving transformational success. Through our co-transformation partnerships with national societies including American College of Cardiology (ACC), American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) and 10 leading health systems and organizations, we have touched over 200,000 lives in last 12 months across different diseases and in enterprise-wide use cases like patient activation, portal adoption, episodes of care and closure of care gaps- with proven published outcomes.

Rx.Health Platform and its components


Our main EHR-integrated API-first platform that curates the best solutions (third party or internally developed by healthcare organizations), adds ability to prescribe them (like computerized physician order entry system) and tracks the activate through deep links in patients Smartphones


Engine that integrates disparate digital assets in evidence based patient care pathways to provide seamless patient experience across service lines. Used extensively for periprocedure care and closure of care gaps in both fee for service and value based healthcare.


Our active dashboards for physicians and care teams and care managers which brings data back from patients to allow remote patient monitoring and chronic care management


Our real time alerting capabilities to care teams for patients who need urgent attention


Our complete health education solutions with more than 10,000 content licensed as well as ability to create custom knowledge portals across diseases


Module to engage with tens and thousands of patient populations at once and engage them with AI, especially relevant for population health and enterprise wide use cases like portal adoption


API framework to integrate third party assets and digital therapeutics seamlessly into your ecosystem