Increase your Radiology Center’s Operational Efficiency and Referrals

Empower Patients through Next-Gen Appointment Reminders

Few evidence based solutions exist amongst the endless number of simple reminders available in the market today. Work with Rx.Health to see improvements experienced by systems such as Yale New Haven Health

Lack of Scan Specific Details

  • What is the exact scan I’m having?
  • What do I need to do to prepare for my scan?
  • Does someone need to accompany me?

No Real Time Notifications

  • I wish I was told how to reschedule my appointment instead of not showing up
  • I wish someone could remind me of important information just before my procedure

No Directions or Room Details

  • Which building do I go to?
  • Where do I park?
  • How do I find the department within the building?

Leveraging Next-Gen Reminder and engagement systems can be one of the most effective strategies of advancing better outcomes and costs of care for imaging and procedure centers!

“…Patient feedback is great... [We are now] providing our patients with accurate information that they desire straight from the content experts...”

– Yale Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

Improve radiology scan preparation through videos and customized education

  • Decrease missed or delayed appointment through date/time and place reminders
  • Improve radiology scan preparation through videos and customized education
  • Decrease patient calls by automating patient reminders and education
  • Validated programs available in multiple languages, including English and Spanish

Improve Branding and Patient Satisfaction

By providing timely guidance to patients starting with appointments and pre-scan care, digital transformation of radiology centers can dramatically improve the patient experience

Leverage The Latest Digital Technology from An Award Winning Platform

Leverage Latest Digital Technology from Award Winning Platform

By leveraging the first enterprise wide digital therapeutics prescription platform, we support digital navigation through a combination of text messages, video education, survey and reminders.

Rx.Health and the platform has received numerous awards including mentions in NPR, award for most evidence based company, ranking among top 5 mhealth solutions worldwide and publication in JAMIA on high usability and patient activation

Radiology Use Case At Yale New Haven Health

Yale New Haven Radiology now provides free step-by-step appointment reminders and scan information for MRI appointments

First phase patient response rate

  • Total Prescribed 100% 100%
  • Delivered 83% 83%
  • Total patient response rate 62% 62%
  • Yale now provides custom patient education for each MRI scan type
  • Reminders on what time MRI appointments are
  • Custom information on driving directions to each of their sites
  • Step-by-step instructions on preparation prior to MRI exams