Over the course of two days, leaders in healthcare met in Chicago for the 2017 Value-Based Care Summit.This year’s summit focused on the opportunity value-based care presents clinicians to change the way they think about patient care while simultaneously improving administrative processes. 

Responsive Health cofounder Dr. Ashish Atreja gave a presentation on the complexities associated with ensuring that health systems make a successful transition to value-based care. 

“We all know that value-based healthcare is here,” Dr. Atreja said. ”What you may not know is most of us, including big shiny health systems, are completely unprepared for it.” 

During his presentation, Dr. Atreja explained that 76 percent of the 5,000 hospitals in the United States have lost money due to readmission penalties from CMS and 50 percent will lose money due to bundle payments. He went on to explain how Digital Medicine prescribed through the RxUniverse platform can reverse this trend by improving patient outcomes in chronic disease management, transitional care and perioperative care. 

Responsive Health VP of Corporate Development, Pavan Choksi, joined Dr. Atreja at the summit to discuss how Digital Medicine can be aligned with value-based initiatives. 

“Digital Medicine is a crucial component of effectively moving to a value-based system,” Choksi said. “It’s exciting to see so many different healthcare organizations come together and discuss implementing value-based care strategies.” 

The summit also featured keynote speakers Dr. Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, Secretary of the American Medical Association Board of Trustees and Dr. Randall S. Moore, President of Mercy Virtual. Moore’s keynote speech closed out the first day of the summit touching on the impact of Digital Medicine through a focus on the value of virtual care.