Thousands of tech-minded entrepreneurs, companies and individuals across industries joined together on the Hudson River waterfront in Hoboken, New Jersey to attend the second annual Propelify Innovation Festival on Thursday, May 18.

Responsive Health’s leadership team, including Ed Berde, CEO and CTO, Pavan Choksi, VP of Corporate Development and Eric Ditkowsky, VP of Value Transformation, navigated the festival while speaking with investors and innovators about how Responsive Health is defining Digital Medicine through RxUniverse.

With the New York City skyline serving as a fitting backdrop, the scene was set to promote innovation across industries. By midday, over 3,000 people had walked through the festival’s main gate, eager to share ideas about how technology is revolutionizing their respective fields. The festival provided a mix of tech demonstrations, meet-and-greets, investor speed dating and headlining speakers.

Arianna Huffington spoke to the crowd about her time at the Huffington Post, which she founded in 2005. Ms. Huffington is now serving as the founder and CEO of Thrive Global, a health and wellness advisory startup offering educational workshops, e-courses and certifications that improve employee well-being.

Alexis Smith, the Director Employer Branding and Digital at Anheuser-Busch and another speaker at the festival, discussed how well-established companies are capitalizing on entrepreneurialism. Ms. Smith touched on the importance of promoting individuals who are willing to identify a company’s weakness in order to discover a solution vital to the success of the brand.

Aside from the festival’s featured speakers, the entrepreneurial spirit was also evident from the attendees themselves.

“It’s great seeing this this type of festival in New Jersey, especially because we’re so active in the Jersey market,” Mr. Choksi said. “Having this focus on technology and entrepreneurship shows that leading innovation is happening outside of Silicon Valley.”