According to the PTSD Foundation of America, a third of returning combat troops will be diagnosed with serious Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms, while less than 40 percent will seek help. PTSD can cause flashbacks, fear, severe anxiety, mistrust, guilt, and loneliness, all hindering a soldier’s ability to transition to civilian life with loved ones.

During PTSD Awareness Month, Responsive Health supports our veterans by urging all those affected to download and use the PTSD Coach app. The app was developed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs in collaboration with the Department of Defense and provides mental health support through education, self-assessment and symptom management strategies, in addition to clinical support.

PTSD Coach was tested with service men and women suffering from PTSD over an eight-week period. While the app is not intended to replace professional care,
the app’s assessment revealed that patients using PTSD Coach had significantly improved self-coping ability and decreased symptoms associated with depression.

“We know from research and our own clinical experience that Veterans can recover and improve their quality of life with the right PTSD treatment plan,” Dr. Poonam Alaigh, the VA’s Acting Under Secretary for Health told News4Jax. “We want our Veterans and those who care for them to have access to effective treatment options.”

The Senate designated June as PTSD Awareness Month in 2014 with the aim to raise public awareness of PTSD and the availability of effective treatments for those who are suffering. Responsive Health supports all of the veterans and thanks them for their service.