Responsive Health co-founders Dr. Ashish Atreja and Ed Berde, along with VP of Corporate Development, Pavan Choksi, met with
numerous C-Level Healthcare executives and providers at the HealthIMPACT East Conference on Monday, June 5.

As one of the conference’s innovation partners, Responsive Health led discussions with NODE Health during a comprehensive, rapid fire-round table discussion focused on defining Digital Medicine and its pivotal role in the future of healthcare.

“I’m passionate about Digital Medicine and changing the way that people view digital health,” Mr. Berde said during the discussion. “With Responsive Health, we have three goals: first, define Digital Medicine and educate providers; second, validate Digital Medicine solutions; and third, provide a back bone for innovation across health systems.”

Dr. Atreja, also led several engaging conversations throughout the day. Topics included how digital innovation is suffering from a lack of shared evidence, examples of successful implementation and how organizations are collaborating to utilize innovation in order to realize transformation.

“Digital Medicine needs to be reproducible,” Dr. Atreja said. “The focus needs to be on technology that produces uniform results for clinicians, which then promotes integration into health systems and adoption by practitioner and patient alike.”

Other featured speakers and panelists included Bruce Darrow, the Chief Medical Information Officer at Mount Sinai; Ram Raju, the Senior Vice President of Northwell Health; Mandi Bishop, Founder and CEO of Lifely Insigts; Victoria Tiase, the Director of Informatics Strategy at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Gregory Downing, Founder of Innovation Horizons.