Reluctance of people to receive safe available vaccines, known as ‘vaccine hesitancy’, was already a growing concern before the COVID19 pandemic but it never hit us as hard until recently. As COVID19 vaccination programs across the country transition from meeting urgent demand to reaching people who are less eager to get the shot, health systems are looking for new vaccine communications strategies.

Such systems across the country are dealing with two major challenges as they strive to get their employees and patients vaccinated against COVID19.

  • Ways to successfully manage and educate people with importance of vaccines
  • Effectively provide vaccine access to people who have overcome hesitancy

Owing to the Rx.Health platform’s exceptional flexibility and an extraordinary team of clinicians/solution builders,  have developed a digital navigation program incorporated with a chat bot, which provided care teams and target groups with information and simplified the monitoring of participants with real-time dashboards. 

Through this online program, Rx.Health intended to get to the core of the problem addressing multiple factors like religious beliefs, health concerns, myths and other factors. Participants were segmented into five key demographic groups. 

The tools were specifically designed for omnichannel communication and customized for nonsmartphone users as well via text and interactive voice response (IVR). 

The vaccine hesitancy bot can be prescribed to patients via Rx.Health bulk prescription or through Rx.Health EHR automation. It can determine the current vaccination status, other unvaccinated relatives at home, barriers to vaccination and provide necessary vaccination information and nearest vaccination centers. Rx.Health’s vaccine hesitancy digital program can be up and running within 2 weeks.

The program has already proven it is both effective and cost saving. The vaccine scheduling bot assists the patient in finding the location of the nearest vaccination center, as well as scheduling an appointment. When the appointment is set, they will begin receiving reminders about how to prepare for the appointment, what to expect after the vaccination, and who to contact if they have any questions or concerns.

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