The collaboration will provide Rx. Health users with access to AI-powered voice-enabled digital assistant

On December- 9 2019 Rx.Health and Suki announced at the NODE Health Digital Medicine Conference that Suki’s voice-enabled digital assistant will be the first solution available as part of the physician-focused toolkit. This tool kit is designed to lift the burden of administrative tasks and help address physician burnout which is a significant problem. Rx.Health, to date, has focused primarily on digital therapeutics, health-care plans directly prescribed from EHRs, digital solutions that have been clinically established to improve patients’ health. This new digital therapeutic toolkit tackles a major but often overlooked Physician wellness issue.

The concern of burnout among healthcare professionals is well-documented. As many as half of doctors, nurses and at least 60% of residents, medical students are experiencing the symptoms of burnout according to a report from the National Academy of Medicine. The American Medical Association has found that high amounts of data input and low functionality of electronic health records are key drivers of clinician burnout.

Rx. Health will leverage RxStitchTM navigation programs that use various digital assets, including digital therapeutics, health content and patient education resources, and incorporate them in the journey of its care team to seamlessly integrate all digital assets into the toolbox. Next year the toolkit is extended to include the four pillars; that is burnout, resilience, productivity, and team-building exercises in collaborations with leading health care systems, payers and digital therapeutics providers.