Rx.Health is excited to serve as an ecosystem partner at NODE Health’s inaugural Digital Medicine Conference at the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square beginning on Dec. 4. The company will join its academic partners including the APPLab at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to support the first ever multi-stakeholder meeting on the scientific evidence for digital innovation. Other leading names in healthcare innovation, such as UCSF, Stanford, Northwell, LifeBridge Health and Yale New Haven Health, will also be in attendance for the event.

During the conference, Rx.Health’s team will be providing a demonstration to attendees of the RxUniverse platform. The demonstration will highlight the platform’s seamless digital solution as attendee’s, including industry executives, will be prescribed a survey dedicated to gather relevant information regarding how the platform can drive innovation and Digital Medicine transformation in any health system.

“As a company that is singularly focused on evidence-based Digital Medicine, we’ve been looking forward to this conference for quite some time,” said Ed Berde, the CEO of Rx.Health. “Anytime my team can get in a room to talk with other innovators in the field, let alone the top health systems promoting clinically proven innovation, we’re eager to discuss what’s worked and what hasn’t, and how those successes and failures are formulating experts’ vision of the future of Digital Medicine.”

Rx.Health will also be presenting the successful results of three distinct studies with academic partners that adopted RxUniverse as a focal point in each study. The first study presented will be the RxUniverse pilot study program, which was recently profiled at the American Medical Informatics Association’s 2017 Annual Symposium. As previously reported, RxUniverse ranked in the 96th percentile on Usability.gov’s System Usability Scale among all technology products. At the conclusion of the study clinicians exceeded digital prescription expectancies by more than 200 percent.

The second study focused on patients who employed Digital Medicine solutions through the RxUniverse platform to manage Chronic Heart Failure. The study, which was conducted at Mont Sinai, found that patients monitoring their condition through a clinically proven app were significantly less likely to be readmitted to the hospital within the first 30 days after a procedure. Among participants, the readmission rate during the study was just 10 percent, compared to Mount Sinai’s average of 22.8 percent and the national average of 25 percent.

The Rx.Health team will present a final study involving patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. During the study, these patients were prescribed with HealthPROMISE, a unique, cloud-based patient reported outcome and decision support tool. Patients were asked to use HealthPROMISE to report on their quality of life measures during a two-year trial sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. 320 patients with IBD were prescribed with app-based digital technologies to aid in their care. At the conclusion of the study, which was featured in MobiHealth News, patients prescribed with HealthPROMISE were found to have reported a significantly higher quality of life.

NODE Health Foundation is the society of Digital Medicine. At the heart of the foundation, is a consortium comprised of over 20 health systems and over 7,000 Digital Medicine enthusiasts, all sharing the singular goal of evaluating the cross-section of evidence based medicine with emerging healthcare technologies in an effort to promote the proliferation and efficacy of evidence-based Digital Medicine.