In advance of the pending October 2 MIPS reporting deadline, Rx.Health has entered into a strategic partnership with MyMipsScore in order to deliver next-generation quality improvement solutions for health systems and specialty providers to excel under value-based reimbursement models. The combined offering now enables organizations to analyze all 271 quality measures and compare them across all benchmarks in real time. MyMipsScore also includes ACI and IA performance scores to calculate your Composite Performance Score (CPS), which is commonly known as MIPS Score. Read the full press release here.

“Even though maximizing a MIPS score has potential to provide substantive rewards for providers, most practitioners are completely unprepared for the fast-approaching October deadline,” said Rx.Health CEO Ed Berde. “By partnering with MyMipsScore, we are able to immediately and seamlessly provide clinicians with a complete toolkit to take full advantage of reimbursements while avoiding needless penalties as we move into 2018.”

While most practitioners are focused on avoiding the penalty, they are not aware of the potential bonus they can earn under MIPS. This bonus can be realized, and penalties can be avoided, by engaging the Digital Medicine toolkit provided through the RxUniverse platform. The platform can be utilized to automate quality activities such as those that (1) gather patient experience data to improve practices, (2) provide online scheduling, and (3) support appointment reminders and transitions of care. Coupled with the analytics provided by the MIPS Score Simulator, the joint offering by MyMipsScore and Rx.Health provides a single solution for practitioners to capitalize on providing high-quality care to patients.

“MyMipsScore’s vision from the beginning has been to provide a solution that enables healthcare providers to understand value-based reimbursement programs and make informed strategic decisions,” said Dr. Pawan Jindal, Founder of MyMipsScore. “Aligning with a partner that is recognized as a leader in Digital Medicine will empower our users to implement interventional programs with minimal effort to execute those decisions.”

Rx.Health will highlight this exciting partnership at the upcoming Health 2.0 conference in California starting on October 1. At the conference, Rx.Health co-founder Dr. Ashish Atreja will participate in a panel discussion with other leaders from the Nation’s top hospitals discuss the transformative power of innovation within health systems.

Dr. Atreja himself is a leading authority on value-based transformation through digital tools, having recently authored a comprehensive article in the Summer 2017 edition of the Healthcare Financial Management Association magazine.