The parties enter into a new innovation partnership to develop a digital toolkit with the goal of enhancing patient engagement and promoting digital transformation in the practice of gastroenterology
The focus of the partnership will be the development and implementation of a GI-specific toolkit through utilization of the RxStitch™ engine, which takes seemingly disparate digital assets and combines them into a complementary suite of bundled services that enhance patient care outside of the clinical setting. RxStitch™ has already been utilized in successful implementations providing perioperative care and support bundles in specialties such as orthopedics and cardiology to improve patient activation and outcomes, while enhancing throughput and efficiency. Representatives from Rx.Health will be promoting the partnership at AGA’s annual Digestive Disease Week ® , which runs from May 18-21 in San Diego, CA. Sites interested in being considered in 2019 pioneer cohort can email engage@Rx.Health with their interest.