Rx.Health™, a leading healthcare technology firm that spun off from the Mount Sinai Health System, today announced that it has raised $1.8M USD in seed funding.  The round was financed by both institutional investors as well as leading healthcare innovators.  The funding will be used to support Rx.Health’s first-to-market Bulk Prescription™ patient engagement tool.

Rx.Health’s Bulk Prescription™ feature allows care teams to prescribe digital solutions and care plans to entire cohorts of patients through a single click.  In an immediate application of Bulk Prescription™, all uncontrolled diabetic patients at a health system can simultaneously receive immediate access to education, patient reported outcomes, and/or remote monitoring solutions via smartphone or email.

The data coming back from these patients will be integrated into care management dashboards, which ensures that providers are closing gaps in care while also meeting certain quality and outcome metrics.  By utilizing the Bulk Prescription™ feature in RxUniverse™, care teams now have the ability to increase exponentially the number of patients that they touch in a single day while concurrently decreasing their respective workloads.

RxUniverse™ provides a uniquely intuitive and efficient prescription mechanism built right into a health system’s EHR, and is the first enterprise-level, app-prescribing platform offered to health systems.  RxUniverse™ is already live in many of the most innovative health systems across the country, with additional implementations currently underway.

Please read the full press release here.