Rx.Health’s RxUniverse was selected as one of the top 15 app-based medical solutions worldwide in advance of the 2017 MEDICA App Competition, which is recognized as the world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry. In order to be considered, apps must be novel, solve a large and unmet need, be scalable internationally, and pass the scrutiny of the conference’s jury panel. This year’s panel was comprised of nearly a dozen leading healthcare leaders and innovators from around the globe.

On Nov. 15, Rx.Health CEO Ed Berde will travel to Dusseldorf, Germany to present at the conference and meet with leaders from health systems, payers and the pharmaceutical industry interested in promoting innovation through RxUniverse’s unique platform approach, which can integrate multiple solutions under one workflow.

“This is further validation for RxUniverse and how it can harness the power of tremendous innovation happening worldwide and transform care by integrating and delivering those solutions to the hands of patients at right time to deliver the right outcomes,” Berde said “Our selection at MEDICA speaks to a global appeal for this platform and we will be looking to further expand on our meaningful partnerships with key international players.”

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