Rx.Health is proud to support the 2017 Annual American Informatics Association Conference in Washington, D.C. During the conference, which is held from Nov. 4 through Nov. 8, Dr. Ashish Atreja will be presenting the results of the RxUniverse pilot study that was conducted at the Mount Sinai Health System.

“AMIA assembles the perfect audience to present the pilot study of RxUniverse, so this presentation should be incredibly exciting,” Dr. Atreja said. “Attendees understand that informatics are a crucial and necessary component of advancing healthcare to a patient-centric methodology. Digital Medicine is at the forefront of this progression, and we now have the statistics and evidence to support that statement.”

RxUniverse’s six-week pilot study was conducted with the goal of prescribing 100 mobile health apps to patients. Exceeding test result expectancies by more than 200 percent, the pilot study involved 40 clinicians and health care providers at five clinical sites at Mount Sinai. Clinicians prescribed over 2,000 mobile health apps during the trial period, and RxUniverse received an 84.2 score on the System Usability Scale. SUS is used to evaluate technology products and compare them to industry standards of usability and learnability.

This SUS score places RxUniverse in the top 96 percentile of technology products. The statistics resulting from the RxUniverse pilot study provides further evidence that a platform approach to engaging patients using Digital Medicine is a valuable tool in bridging the gap between innovation in health care and patient engagement.

AMIA actively supports research and practice in healthcare informatics and offers a platform for professionals, students and patients to come together and discuss the future of informatics in healthcare. Over the last 35 years, informatics have grown exponentially to improve health, and are key to accelerating the current goals of healthcare reform.

To learn more, view the press release here.