Rx.Health’s TrialEngage™ Virtual Trial Toolkit is Selected by the American Gastroenterological Association to Speed GITrials and Create Nationwide Clinical Trial Network

With our partners, we have developed a unique ecosystem to support centres for excellence in research through the journey from screening and recruiting to clinical trial monitoring and RWE.

Rx.Health, the digital health company that developed the first enterprise-wide EHR-integrated digital formulary, has partnered with AGA and Precision Research to use the TrialEngage™ digital toolkit. This collaboration adds to Rx. Health’s growing list of registry partners and builds on the current partnership with AGA to establish a nationwide clinical trial network, beginning with GI.

TrialEngage™ expands Rx.Health ‘s clinical engagement offering to support research engagement in registries, virtual and decentralised trials, care pathways and collection of real-world evidence and digital biomarkers for investigators, Pharmaceuticals and CROs. The validated platform has been shown to have a patient activation rate of 92% and a clinical system usability rate of 93%.