As Rx.Health continues to partner with leading health systems across the United States, the company has announced that it will be implementing its flagship Digital Therapeutics Prescribing Platform and EHR -integrated RxStitch Engine to support episodes of care and enterprise-wide digital transformation at Valley Health System. This partnership marks Rx.Health’s entry into the New Jersey healthcare market.

 “Our mission statement has always been to support enterprise-wide digital transformation and address fragmentation in digital health by supporting multiple-use-cases under one umbrella, so implementing at Valley Health is in direct alignment with that goal” said Rx.Health VP Strategic Partnerships, Gaurav Narang.

 “It is incredible to see that within 45 days, we have gone from signing the contract to making digital navigation available to our patients undergoing complex electrophysiological studies and procedures.” said Dr. Suneet Mittal, Director of Arrhythmia center.

 In 2020, Valley Health and plans to  expand the current program to support telemedicine and devices for remote patient monitoring across the entire spectrum of cardiovascular care, ACO and episodes of care.